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Steve O'Brien, The Fan Can

Steve O'Brien

Fave Doctor: Matt Smith. Or Davison.

Fave Who story: City Of Death

Fave companion: Ian Chesterton

Most embarrassing Who confession: I'm a fan of Doctor Who

Twitter: @MrsSteveOBrien email: steve@thefancan.com


and the writers…


Johnny Candon, The Fan Can

Johnny Candon
Fave Doctor: Changes every day. Troughton would probably be the overall favourite but I'm as fickle as a debutante.
Fave Who story: Again, depends on mood, but I do love The Seeds of Doom.
Fave companion: Sarah Jane Smith.
Most embarrassing Who confession: I used felt tip pen to draw question marks on my Dad's shirt when I was 11, and wore it out in public. It was way too big for me so I tucked the bottom into my jeans, so not only was I wearing a home made version of one of the worst Doctor Who costumes ever, but it also looked like I was wearing a nappy.

Twitter: @johnnycandon


Rob Fairclough, The Fan Can

Rob Fairclough
Fave Doctor: Patrick Troughton
Fave Who story: The Evil Of The Daleks
Fave companion: Sarah Jane Smith
Most embarrassing Who confession: Losing my trousers at a convention after getting undressed in the wrong hotel room and startling the occupant.


Darren Floyd, The Fan Can

Darren Floyd
Fave Doctor: Tom, of course
Fave Who story: The Deadly Assassin
Fave companion: Sarah
Most embarrassing Who confession: At a Panopticon, when I was about 16, I had a tap on the shoulder. "Do you want my autograph?" asked the designer of the Fish People. "No." came my reply dripping with disdain. Not a moment has gone by since, when I haven't regretted that missed opportunity...

Twitter: @darrenfloyd666


James Gent, The Fan Can

James Gent
Fave Doctor: Davison.

Fave Who story: Image Of The Fendahl

Fave companion: Lucie Miller

Most embarrassing Who confession: Doctor Who once called me an "obnoxious drunk".

Twitter: @EducationNinja


Gard Goldsmith, The Fan Can

Gard Goldsmith

Fave Doctor: Tom Baker

Fave Who Story: Genesis Of The Daleks, tied with The Robots Of Death, tied with The Talons Of Weng-Chiang, tied with The Masque Of Mandragora, tied with City Of Death, tied with The Deadly Assassin, tiiiiied with The Seeds Of Doom.

Fave Companion: Sarah Jane Smith (the perfect girl)

Most embarrassing Who confession: In 2005, my friend Malcolm and I actually flew from the US to England to watch the return of Doctor Who. We had to hear the announcer: "And now, get ready for adventures in time and space, with Doctor Who!" Just not the same in the US...


Miles Hamer, The Fan Can

Miles Hamer
Fave Doctor: Patrick Troughton
Fave story: City of Death
Fave companion: Rose
Most embarrassing Who confession: Either that I made my wife watch Death To The Daleks on the day I proposed or that I sometimes do Sylvester McCoy impressions in the shower.

Twitter: @MilesIvanHamer


Neil Humphries, The Fan Can

Neil Humphries

Fave Doctor: Tom Baker

Fave Who story: The Talons of Weng-Chiang

Fave Companion: Romana

Most embarrassing Who confession: I couldn't sleep the night Adric died.


James Peaty,The Fan Can

James Peaty
Fave Doctor: Tom Baker
Fave Who story: The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances.
Fave companion: Sarah Jane
Most embarrassing Who confession: During my first year at secondary school I described MYSELF as having 'a face beaming with a vast intelligence.' Oh dear...

Twitter: @barryegan1575


Callum Smith, Fan Can writer an IT superstar!

Callum Smith
Fave Doctor: Not Sylvester
Fave Who story: Kinda
Fave companion: Dodo
Most embarrassing Who confession: Is Letrasetting my VHS labels in the 1980s worthy of embarrassment?


Tim Worthington, The Fan Can

Tim Worthington

Fave Doctor: Sylvester McCoy

Fave Who story: That schools radio one with Megron. Oh, alright, The Daleks' Masterplan.

Fave companion: Ian and Barbara

Most embarrassing Who confession: Once sent a Valentine's card to Sophie Aldred.


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