Dexter: Series 7 Preview Released

First two minutes of S7 now online.

14 July 2012
by Callum Smith


Really, we have no idea why AMC decided to release this, and we really regret watching it.


If you saw last year's series of Dexter, you'll remember the cliffhanging end, and will have spent the last near-year wondering how on Earth Dexter gets out of it. Series seven doesn't air until 30 September, but the clip already gives a clue that Dex'll manage to get out of being discovered by Debs, or at least she won't realise the full serial killer nature of her brother's knifey interests.


Anyhoo, watch if you want, but don't blame us if it spoils it for you. Knock yourself out.




Dexter: Series 7 Preview Released

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