See The First US Inbetweeners Trailer

Hold your cynicism there - it looks good.

17 July 2012
by Callum Smith


The cast of the US Inbetweeners


American remakes of Britcoms, especially recently, have had a pretty raw deal. The IT Crowd never made it past a pilot, ditto Peep Show and The Thick of It. So hopes weren't high for a Yankified copy of The Inbetweeners. Would the level of schoolboy smut even be allowed on American television?


Well, yes, apparently, judging from the first trailer, which you can see here. It looks like a virtual shot-for-shot retread of the first series, and that doesn't seem a bad thing. MTV obviously have enough faith in the show that they commissioned another 11 episodes after viewing the pilot.


Inbetweeners creators, Damon Beesley and Iain Morris, are onboard as consultants (which probably means they fly over occasionally, nod their heads at the odd meeting and collect a fat cheque), but the US series was developed by comedy writer Brad Copeland, who has Arrested Development crowning a generally impressive CV. That's enough reason to give this one a chance, we think.



See The First US Inbetweeners Trailer

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