Moffat Denies Rolf's Cartoon Club Past

Showrunner refutes BAFTA claims.

03 JUN 2012
by Steve O'Brien


Steven Moffat's Television Special BAFTA last week must have made the wee Scotsman's heart throb with pride. But the presentation on the night omitted a crucial period of time in Moffat's TV career, when he fronted Rolf's Cartoon Club.


It's amazing how few people were aware of this splinter career as a children's TV presenter, but the BAFTA website confirmed it the other day, quoting, "People ask me what the best thing in the world is, and it's to be able to do what you love and get paid for doing it. Everywhere I go somebody will come up and say 'I'd just like to say thank you because watching you on Rolf's Cartoon Club got me hooked on animation and now that's what I do for a living,' or 'I became an illustrator because of your programmes.' You have no idea what a thrill that is."


Oddly, Moffat later Tweeted surprise that he ever presented the show, writing, "Incredibly thrilled to discover that I presented Rolf's Cartoon Club!!!"


It's a shame Moffat has to resort to sarcasm to cover his embarrassment about his time presenting this well-remembered children's show. His time on Rolf's Cartoon Club certainly changed lives and we at The Fan Can believe he should stop running away from his past.


The BAFTA announce Moffat's Cartoon CLub past



Moffat Denies Rolf's Cartoon Club Past
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