Doctor Who Experience Tickets Go On Sale

...In its new home of Cardiff.

15 JUN 2012
by Steve O'Brien


Tickets for the new Cardiff Bay-based Doctor Who Experience have now gone on sale.


The attraction, which had been based in London for its first year, closed in February. It reopens in Doctor Who's home town of Cardiff on Friday 20 July.


"The Doctor Who Experience is a celebration of the iconic BBC series," shrieks Managing Director of BBC Worldwide Live Events, Philip Murphy, "and moving to our new home at Porth Teigr in Cardiff Bay, just minutes from where the BBC Wales television series is made, is incredibly exciting. Visitors to the Experience in Cardiff will be able to fully immerse themselves in the world of Doctor Who."


The interactive exhibition, which incidentally is light years from the sorry exhibitions at Longleat and Blackpool from our youth, invites visitors to star in their own adventure, encountering Daleks and Weeping Angels among others on the way.


It's not just new series-centred, so expect to see costumes and models stretching back through Who's 49-year TV run. (Ooh look, there's the Garm!) New items to be shown to the public for the first time in Wales will include the Doctor's cradle from A Good Man Goes to War, the Silence spaceship, and the Doctor's sonic cane from Let's Kill Hitler, with more items being kept under wraps until the doors open next month.


For more info, visit the Doctor Who Experience website here:



Doctor Who Experience Tickets Go On Sale
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