Cast Members Return For S7

It's The Time Warrior meets Downton Abbey. At last.

8 JULY 2012
by Steve O'Brien


A Sontaran, as sketched by the cult artist, Steve O'Brien

It appears that three faces from last year's A Good Man Goes To War will be joining Dame Diana Rigg and daughter, Rachael Stirling, in Mark Gatiss' currently filming series 7 episode.


Photos have surfaced of a Sontaran (played by regular go-to Sontaran man, Dan Starkey), Silurian lesbian, Madame Vastra (Neve McIntosh), and her lady lover Jenny (Catrin Stewart). Digital Spy have the pictures, which show Starkey's character dolled up as an Edwardian butler, and Vastra under a black veil, but given their copyright, we're using badly drawn copies of the photos, so as to not get into trouble. You can see DS's original story here, along with a news item about Tulisa stressing she's "not manufactured." Knock yourself out.


Madame Vastra. Image number 2 of cult artist, Steve O'Brien's 'Gatiss Who?' series of illustrations.



Cast Members Return For S7
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