New Series Promo Released

Dinosaurs! Daleks! Angels! Rory!

2 AUG 2012
by Steve O'Brien


The new promo shot for series 7, featuring the Doctor carrying Amy through a crowd of daleks


The BBC have released a new trailer for series 7, which finally gives us a glimpse of all the stories this side of Christmas.


So there's no sign yet of Jenna-Louise Coleman, whose first episode is apparently the Christmas special, but there are peeks at Asylum of the Daleks (the "loadsa Daleks one"), Dinosaurs on a Spaceship ("the dinosaurs on a spaceship one"), A Town Called Mercy ("the Western one"), Cubed ("the Chris Chibnall one") and the New York-set Weeping Angels episode.



As well as that, the Beeb have also released a promo image for the first episode, showing a bloody and battered Doctor carrying Amy through a throng of Daleks, including the Special Weapons Dalek from Remembrance.



New Series Promo Released
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